Friday, September 10, 2010

Great Pary, everyone!

Thank you to everyone who came to the party last night, and to team members who contributed by adding Etsy shops we could advertise! We gave away every last postcard we had made--the cards had our (for now) team logo, which is also the banner for the blog, and instructions for how to get to each of our shops.

Thank you as well to the city of New Haven! It was great to talk to people from the mayor's office. There's a real commitment to making Project Storefronts work for artists and the city! And by "work" I mean make the retail venues commercial viable for artists so that we can continue to occupy prime storefront space!

There were delicious snacks and beverages, and even live music, thanks to Lisa and her new friend/pianoman Sean!

It was really wonderful to meet so many of you in person. I still haven't managed to unpack my camera's charger, so I don't have pictures :( If anyone does, please post them! And don't forget, we'll be crafting every Thursday from 6-9. The space will also be open on Tuesdays, although I can't make it, since I teach college English in Queens, NYC and my commute takes up my whole day. You are all welcome to go on Tuesdays!

You can see from all my exclamation marks that last night was a huge success. Let's keep the momentum going!

Okay, I'm starting to feel like a cheerleader, so that's enough exclamation marks for today. Please post your own experiences whenever you have time. If you're a team member and not an author of the blog yet, let me know and I'll invite you via email.


  1. I just want to say how sorry I am that I had to miss the party and miss meeting everyone. I was unable to come because it was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. I will definitely be at the next gathering!

  2. I hated that it was on the holiday! Next time you can, we'll be happy to meet you in person!