Sunday, September 12, 2010

Exciting New "Etsy Groups" Feature Coming!

Anyone who has visited the Etsy Teams page recently knows that it's confusing and out of date. More importantly, we can't make any changes (no matter how small) to our team profile without Etsy Admin. Right now, I have to send an email to Teams and then wait indefinitely for them to change something. Not a charter member of the group? Well, they'll only update our profile once a month, so you won't show up as a member until they get around to adding you. If someone joins the day after I send the monthly email, they'll have to wait another month. Same process if someone wants to leave a Team.

That is all about to change! Etsy Groups is in Beta right now, which means they're working the kinks out of it, and it'll show up in a matter of weeks. I have a sneak preview for you, because the needle felt team is one of the groups trying it out in Beta and I'm a member of that team! Here's what it looks like to the average team member (I'm not the team leader)...

We'll be able to have a much nicer profile page all to ourselves! We won't have to say "go Teams, then Profiles, then find the Connecticut page and scroll all the way down..." when someone wants to know how to join! There are tags (not sure what they're for yet except some kind of search feature yet to be unveiled) and an "edit" button next to your own profile. Right now, that button just lets you leave the group, but presumably something else is coming. See the nice links to this group's flickr page and blog on the left? So much better!

I hear that communications features are coming, so that is excellent news. To read more about it, visit The Storque blog to read their announcement about Groups!

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  1. Does anyone know where we are at with this? I can't find us in the team pages.